Management Team

Andrea Franz

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Franz is a financial executive with over 25 years of experience in small to mid-size biotechnology companies.

Most recently she is the CFO of X4 Pharmaceuticals and is instrumental in building out the finance and legal infrastructure as well as crafting the story used for multiple financings.

Prior to this, she was the VP of Finance and Administration at Civitas Therapeutics, Inc where she was instrumental in establishing the infrastructure required for the planned public offering and the resulting sale to Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. Prior to that Ms. Franz served as the interim CFO of Kala Pharmaceuticals during the expansion of the management team and critical financings. Prior to that, Ms. Franz served as the CFO of BIND Biosciences (name changed to BIND Therapeutics) where she was instrumental in building out the financial infrastructure needed from early start-up research to a clinical state oncology company with multiple sources of funding (equity, government, partnerships, debt, public offering).

Other prior experience includes projects at Marathon Biopharmaceuticals (purchased by Lonza), Circe Biomedical (purchased by Arbios Systems), Millenium and others.

Andrea is a CPA and received her business degree from the University of New Hampshire.

Other Team Members

Sylvie Breton

Professor Sylvie Breton, PhD, is a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and directs the Breton Laboratory within the Program in Membrane Biology / Center for Systems Biology in the Nephrology Division at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Glenn Batchelder

Mr. Glenn Batchelder previously was Co-Founder and CEO of Civitas Therapeutics, a development stage pulmonary delivery therapeutic company based on the ARCUS technology platform that was sold to Acorda Therapeutics.

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John Randle

Dr. John C.R. Randle, PhD, brings over 30 years of practical, hands-on experience to the business of drug candidate selection and development.

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Dennis Ausiello, MD

Dennis A. Ausiello, MD, is the Director of the Center for Assessment Technology and Continuous Health (CATCH) at MGH; Jackson Distinguished Professor of Clinical Medicine, Emeritus at Harvard Medical School; and the Physician-in-Chief, Emeritus of the Department of Medicine at MGH.

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Dennis Brown, PhD

Prof. Dennis Brown is an internationally recognized expert on renal physiology and kidney function at the Massachusetts General Hospital (Nephrology Division) and Harvard Medical School.

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Martin Freed, MD

Dr. Martin Freed brings more than 25 years of strategic development and operational expertise from across the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

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Todd Rosengart, MD

Dr. Todd Rosengart is a nationally recognized cardiothoracic surgeon, a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-supported scientist, and an extensively published investigator.

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Sushrat Waikar, MD, Mph

Sushrut Waikar, MD, MPH, Clinical Advisor, is Associate Professor of Medicine, BWH/HMS. He is Director of Translational Research and Ambulatory Services, BWH and is an expert in acute and chronic kidney disease.

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Winfred W. Williams, MD

Winfred W. Williams, MD, Medical Advisor, is Nephrologist and Associate Chief of the Division of Nephrology at MGH/HMS. He is Director of the Program in Interventional Nephrology for the Transplantation Unit at MGH.

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